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Inherent powers of civil courts to do justice between parties

Few consumer protection judgments

Few decision which affects social justice

Petition challenging election of returned candidate

Hearsay evidence

High court power to interfere in trial court order, under writ jurisdiction

Whether writ maintainable for claiming money

Can aggrieved claim damages even after signing “no due certificate”

Can subsequent events be considered in a proceedings

Whether court can interfere in transfer matters

Conditions of service to remain unchanged during pendency of the dispute

Suit for damages and proof

Justice, delay and suggestions by the supreme court

Can legal practitioner be held liable for false legal opinion

can cryptic messages considered for FIR?

Whether student is a consumer?

Stay orders and its exercise by the high court, suggestion made by the Supreme Court

Community service as punishment in addition to prison sentence for drunken driving

Death due to negligent act of a doctor is an accident – LIC to pay accidental death benefits

School across the country directed to provide basic infrastructure and facilities to students

Students not to join, the education institution without recognition and affiliation

No sympathy in corruption cases

Postal department is duty bound to ensure that letters reach in time against all odds

Rounding-off the marks/percentage is injustice

Lawful marriage not required for a man to be punished under section 493 i.p.c

Power of magistrate to take voice sample

Intention of bidder not bonafide, possession can resume

Useless formality theory

Advocate alone cannot settle the matter before lok adalath

Reviewing of the sanction to prosecute a public servant

A private limited company using services is a body corporate and not a natural person who needs to earn his livelihood

Compact disc (C.D) recoding is a document of evidence

District forum can grant maximum of 45 days time to the opposite party to file his version or reply



Steps to be followed in the cheque bounce matters

Directors not automatically liable for Cheque bounce

Whether Mens Rea which means “guilty mind” necessary for crimes by corporate houses

Stages of criminal trial in India

Transfer of criminal trial, factors relevant

Guidelines from Supreme Court with regard to the court power in issuing non-bailable warrant

Can cryptic messages considered for FIR?

Person convicted under section 138 of the Negotiable Instrument Act (Cheque Bounce) can be prosecuted under section 420 of the Indian Penal Code

Community Services as punishment in addition to prison sentence for drunken driving

Lawful marriage no required for a man to be punished under section 439 of Indian Penal Code

Bail matter, Court not to undertake meticulous examination of evidence

Power of Magistrate to take voice sample

Lodging two FIR against same person in respect of same case

Principle laid down while exercising power by High Court to quash Criminal Proceedings

Sanction to prosecute police officer

Compact Disk (C.D) recording is a document of evidence


The Documents required for Scrutiny/Verification of the Title will vary in each case, nevertheless a handy and simple Property Purchase Checklist one should consider before taking decisions on Buying Property in and around Bangalore are…

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Purchase of immovable property comprises various steps, broadly categorised as post and pre-registration, here are few measures the purchaser is required to take after purchase of the property in Bangalore……

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Legal principles governing adverse possession against Government


Transfer of property pending suit – legal principle

Deposit amount can be forfeited and not the amount paid towards part payment of the sale consideration - Supreme Court ruling

Illegal and unauthorised construction affect fundamental and constitutional rights, court ordered demolition of illegal and unauthorised construction

Mere efflux of time and escalation of price, no ground to deny relief of specific performance 

Right to property is a human right

Mutation entries do not convey or extinguish any title

Important observations by High Court in respect of Mahr/Dower – Hiba – essential of Hiba – registration of Hiba – Hiba-Bil-Iwaz – lis pendence – sale deed proof



Remedies against breach of contract

Negative covenants in employment contracts and enforceability

A private limited company using services is a body corporate and not a natural person who needs to earn his livelihood

Compact disc (C.D) recoding is a document of evidence



Remedies against breach of contract

Negative covenants (long notice period, non-compete, non-solicit, confidential & others) in employment contracts and enforceability

Impact of the industrial disputes act on staffing, business and organisations

Matters between employer and employee and income tax returns details are personal information cannot be disclosed under the RTI Act

Once the labour court has exercised the discretion judicially, the high court can interfere with the award, only if it is satisfied that the award of the labour court is vitiated by any fundamental flaws

Punishment imposed by the appellate authority



Mutual consent divorce in India section 13B of the Hindu marriage act, procedure and conditions of mutual divorce in India

Live-in-relationship not entitled to benefits under the domestic violence act, to know about the legal perspective of the live-in relationship

Judicial decisions/judgments on the subject matter of divorce, marriage, family, domestic violence, child custody, women

Personal and family laws and few selected ratio decidendi

Death result of cruelty or demand of dowry, denial cannot be treated as discharge of onus

Wife right to reside with her husband under the protection of women from Domestic violence act

Contempt of court against a woman for breaching undertaking to divorce

In child custody and visitation rights matter, the desire, interest and welfare is paramount importance

Woman in a live-in relationship and second wife not entitled to maintenance

Presumed marriage enough for relief under PWDV Act

Settlement of dispute punishable under section 498-A of Indian penal code

Couples indulged in pre-marital sexual intercourse considered to be married

Live-in-relationship not entitled to benefits under the domestic violence act

Allegation that the appellant husband played fraud on the family court and obtained decree of dissolution of marriage

Wife maintenance factors to be considered

Divorced wife cannot file petition for maintenance

Husband’s illicit relationship is not always cruelty

Supreme court of India on section 6 of the Hindu succession act – daughters right to property

Women right over Stridhana properties



Legal principles – for setting aside Arbitral award

Whether an arbitration agreement contained in an unregistered instrument which is not duly stamped, is valid and enforceable?

Supreme court conclusion on sec. 2(1)(e) and sec. 42 of the act 1996, in respect of jurisdiction for setting aside the award

Advocate alone cannot settle the matter before lok adalath



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